Temporary Work Visa – Subclass 457

This visa allows skilled international workers to travel to Australia and work for an approved business for a period between three (3) months to four (4) years in occupations that are listed in the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List.

A business will be able to sponsor someone for this visa if they cannot find an Australian citizen or permanent resident to fill the skilled position at their workplace. Employers may be either Australian businesses or overseas businesses.

Requirements for Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa – subclass 457

To be eligible for this visa, both you and your prospective employer will need to meet specific requirements for each stage of the three-step application process:

Step One: Sponsorship

To be an eligible sponsor for the Temporary Work visa, the business must be able to show it:

  • Is an established and lawfully operating business;
  • Meets certain Australian training and workplace requirements (if you are an Australian business only);
  • Is compliant with the number of subclass 457 workers to be nominated;
  • Can demonstrate that it has a genuine commitment to employing local labour,  and uses non-discriminatory recruitment practices; and
  • Has no relevant adverse information against the business.

Step Two: Nomination

Only an approved business sponsor may nominate a skilled international worker(see Step One). The nomination process identifies the occupation needed to be filled by worker for the business in Australia. To nominate  a skilled international worker for a 457 visa, the approved business sponsor must:

  • Provide the name of the skilled international worker to be employed at the business;
  • Provide the state in which the skilled international worker will be employed;
  • Demonstrate that it meets direct employer requirements in Australia;
  • Provide employment terms and conditions that meet Australian workplace standards;
  • Meet the genuineness criterion set by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection;
  • Meet the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold; and
  • Not be subject to any adverse information.

Step Three: Visa Application

This stage is where you, the skilled international worker, will need to demonstrate:

  • That you are sponsored by an employer to fill a genuine position;
  • That you have the relevant skills, qualifications and work experience which meets the nominated position;
  • That you will be eligible for any relevant licenses or registration required for the nominated position (where necessary);
  • That you possess vocational standards of the English language; and
  • That you will be paid at least the minimum salary level that applies at the time a decision is made on your Temporary Skilled work visa, and that the terms and conditions of your employment is consistent with the obligations in the Australian labour market.

Entitlements of the Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa – subclass 457

Holders of the Temporary Work visa will be able to:

  • work in Australia for up to four (4) years
  • bring any eligible family members with them to Australia (your eligible family members will also be able to work and study), and
  • travel in and out of Australia as often as you want, during the period of your visa.