About Canada

Canada is the second largest country in the world and a nation of great ethnic and cultural diversity. It is very diverse in its people, its landscape, its climate, and its way of life. Few countries can compare with the natural beauty, geographic diversity and wildlife of Canada. Bordered by the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans, Canada’s ever-changing topography ranges from the dizzying heights of the Rocky Mountains to vast boreal forests, endless prairies, desert and rainforest regions. Added to the extraordinary natural beauty are the vibrant, cosmopolitan cities where most of the population lives.

Canada’s economy is made up of many different industries. There are three main types of industries in Canada: natural resources, manufacturing and services.

1. Natural resource industries include forestry, fishing, agriculture, mining and energy. These industries have played an important part in the country’s history and development. Today, the economy of many areas of the country still depends on developing natural resources.

2. Manufacturing industries make products to sell in Canada and around the world. Manufactured products include paper, technological equipment, automobiles, food, clothing and many other goods. Our largest international trading partner is the United States.

3. Service industries provide thousands of different jobs in areas like transportation, education, health care, construction, banking, communications and government. More than 70 percent of working Canadians now have jobs in service industries.

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