Secure Migrations Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to present the proposal for obtaining U.S. permanent residency status through an investment into the U.S. economy and the related business investment advisory and management services. Our combination of business administration know-how, investment advisory experience, local market knowledge, top-notch MBA graduate team, and proven track record make us your ideal partner in pursuing profitable investments in the United States, which guarantee qualification for you and your family for permanent residency status and subsequently, if desired, U.S. citizenship. SECURE MIGRATIONS will provide you with an end-to-end solution that encompasses the following aspects:

  1. Opportunity selection;
  2. Market monitoring;
  3. Business brokerage;
  4. Investment advisory in specific markets and segments;
  5. Due diligence;
  6. Valuation and appraisal;
  7. Hands-on business management and administration;
  8. Visa and permanent residency process advisory;
  9. Ongoing financial consultation and asset management;
  10. Exit strategy and execution.

We will be there to assist you in every step of the process, ensuring that your investment needs are fully met. It is clearly reflected in our methodology and compensation structure that we view this engagement as a long-term partnership and we will work tirelessly to maintain it.



SECURE MIGRATIONS is a leading service provider in the areas of international mergers and acquisitions, business launches, financial advisory, asset valuations, immigration consulting, and operations management. By relying on a multilingual staff of experienced management consultants with graduate degrees from leading U.S. and international business schools, we offer a quality of service that is unmatched in our segment. SECURE MIGRATIONS differentiates itself from its competitors in the business investment advisory and management space on four key dimensions.

First, no other firm of our size combines the above-mentioned investment components under one umbrella. SECURE MIGRATIONS value is that we can provide you with one dedicated point of contact throughout the entire investment, management, and advisory process that will be responsible for all aspects of the investment, from acquisition to the final exit, and all aspects of the immigration process, from the initial filing to the final green card approval.

Second, you will have access to a multi-faceted team of top-notch MBA graduates with experience in many key functional areas, including finance, accounting, market research, business strategy, sales, valuation, operations, and human resources. These professionals have the superior resources, knowledge, and skills to effectively invest and manage your assets in the U.S

Third, SECURE MIGRATIONS focuses on building long-term partnerships with our clients; the level of personal attention and customization, that we provide, is unparalleled in the industry. Our boutique nature also means that we focus on fewer clients so you are guaranteed to get our undivided attention during our engagement.

Finally, SECURE MIGRATIONS compensation is structured so as to tie our financial performance to yours. In other words, the vast majority of our fees will be dependent on our ability to successfully obtain permanent residency status for you, as well as to generate a measurable return on your investment – the higher the return that we can help you to obtain, the higher our fees will be and vice versa.

Given the combination of our ability to simultaneously deliver a comprehensive suite of services, superior quality of deliverables, reduced fees, and complete customization for our clients, we are certain that our services will provide you with unsurpassed value.


Market Outlook

Why invest into the U.S.?

The U.S. has always been considered a safe haven for investors due its political stability, transparent legal structure that securely protects property rights, low inflation, and minor currency fluctuations. Despite the recent economic downturn, the U.S. remains the country of choice for investors looking for a stable and conservative investment vehicle. As shown in Figure 1, the U.S. consistently ranks first in AFIRE’s survey of countries providing the best opportunity for capital appreciation.


Figure 1: Country Providing the Best Opportunity for Capital Appreciation1


Why invest into the U.S. now?

After peaking in 2007, the S&P 500 index and the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped to their lowest levels in the last ten years. Both indices reached their bottom in early 2009 and are steadily climbing again.


Figure 2: S&P 500 index Jan 05 – Feb 12


However, some states’ economies that had historically presented enticing investment opportunities, such as California and Florida, are growing slowly compared to other states, or even shrinking. Figure 3 shows the economic growth from 2007 to 2008 of each state. On the contrary, more stable markets, such as the Pacific Northwest, are growing faster than most other American states.


Figure 3: Percentage Change in Real GDP By State, 2007-2011

















Many experts point to the bright side of the down market, such as the opportunity to acquire undervalued assets.2 The statistics indicate that the current condition of the U.S. economy is extremely favourable for the acquisition of undervalued assets. Limited availability of credit and weak consumer spending has put additional strain on businesses, forcing continued defaults, foreclosures and bankruptcies. Given this murky environment, many businesses are seeking to avoid financial collapse by actively looking to sell their investments at values far below market rates. In the world of investments the atmosphere described above is not considered to be a distressed market, but rather a buyer’s market. The question is which buyers will be savvy and resourceful enough to take advantage of this unique economic climate.

Despite the general economy experiencing a recession, there are several types of businesses

that are especially attractive for investors in current conditions. See Exhibit D on page 26, for additional information.


Why American Northwest?

With a mild climate, countless outdoor activities and great scenic views, Oregon is a very attractive place to live and invest. Having many advantages and few disadvantages of popular U.S. locations, Oregon manages to remain a safe and inexpensive place to reside and conduct business. For example, unlike most states, Oregon has no sales tax. According to a recent Forbes report, Portland is the third safest city in the U.S. In comparison, Miami, although a popular tourist destination, is ranked the 40th “safest” city.3 This stability attracts many small and large businesses alike. Numerous well-known multinational corporations, such as Nike, Intel, Adidas, Columbia Sportswear, and Tektronix take advantage of this great location and make Oregon home to their largest sites.

More broadly, with a strong presence of local universities and research institutions, no sales tax, economic development incentives, and thriving entrepreneurial companies, Oregon is also quickly becoming a popular alternative to Washington State and California for starting a business. The business community has been built around high growth industries like renewable energy and software development, as well as more stable sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism. Portland (Oregon’s largest city) has been ranked as one of the top 50 most liveable cities in the world4, and continues to attract young, ambitious people to the metropolitan area (currently at over 2.2 million people)5 year after year.

The U.S. economy has reached a point in which investors with adequate resources can take advantage of businesses selling at remarkably low prices. While there are many areas of the country that would be good options for investment, Oregon represents a unique opportunity because of its growing business community, attractive liveability, relatively low taxes, and abundance of value-for-money investment opportunities.

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Process and Methodology

Our team will break down the investment process into eight separate steps (outlined in detail in Exhibit A), with expected timelines provided below. Phase I will entail collecting and analyzing the information regarding the Client’s goals and objectives for the proposed investment. Phase II will be comprised of creating a new Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), registering it, opening up a bank account, and funding it. Phase III will involve detailed research of different asset classes and available businesses that are well aligned with our joint criteria. In Phase IV, we will narrow down the list of all possible businesses down to only those with the highest potential for long-term return. During Phase V, we will conduct thorough due diligence of the acquisition targets. In Phase VI, we will engage in negotiations, deal structuring, and finally purchasing the business. Phase VII represents continuing business management and asset supervision. Phase VIII will outline the exit strategy and carry out its execution. Detailed description of each phase is presented in

Exhibit A, while the brief summary is offered below.

  1. Phase I. Information gathering and client interviews: 1-2 weeks
  2. Phase II. New entity formation: 1-2 weeks
  3. Phase III. Market Monitoring & Long list:  2-4 weeks
  4. Phase IV. Selection Process Short list: 1-2 weeks
  5. Phase V. Due Diligence: 2-3 weeks
  6. Phase VI. Negotiations and Contract Signing: 1-3 weeks

PROJECT TIMELINE OF PHASES I-VI                                                        8-16 weeks6

  1. Phase VII. Business Management Ongoing
  2. Phase VIII. Exit Strategy Execution 2-4 months

6 These are the maximum expected durations. It is more probable that some of these phases will coincide, since

they may require complimentary actions.